Sunday, 19 January 2014

Today Harlow, Tomorrow Brazil (Well not actually tomorrow)

Hi all,
         long, long time since I put anything on this blog isn't it. I take the position that I do not have time to write about stuff that often and so I need to have something that motivates me to make the time to do it.
It also has to be about something that people may be interested in. Sooo....

I have committed myself to a tour of Brazil in February, all on my own, with a band being supplied for me when I get there, that means that I will be undertaking this all on my own and be playing with a band I have never met or heard.

Now that sounds like an adventure and seems like it would lend itself to a rather interesting blog. So if you want to, follow my exploits day by day as I prepare to leave, and travel with me as I attempt to fashion a band into a fantastic Neurotics line up with a couple of days of rehearsal and a roll of gaffer tape.

Sounds like the making of a great reality TV program! Stay tuned!

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